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The Italian Showcase Costumers Community

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All Members
This is the community for those who have been, or are about to be, featured on The Italian Showcase. The I.S. costumers are the only ones that can become members, or 'join', and the group is for members only. All posts will be friends locked, mainly because I like to keep the identity/costume of the future showcase costumers secret until they are showcased.

If you are not a past, present or future Italian Showcase costumer you can't join, but you can watch the community......Ok, if you REALLY want to join, become a Showcase costumer and all will be revealed! ;-)

NOTE: If you 'watch' a community (otherwise known as 'friending'), you will see all public posts, but not 'friends locked' posts. If you want to see 'friends locked' posts, you have to 'join' the community (available via a link at the top of the community's user info page).

So, if you just 'watch' and don't 'join' this community, none of the locked posts will be visible to you. Conversely, if you 'join' but don't 'watch' this community you won't be able to view this community via your friends list.

Clear as mud? :-)